Convert Hz to Bark using this worksheet:

Videos about research

You can watch some videos about my research here

El acento de Andalucía oriental: estado de la cuestión y retos para los lingüistas

Eastern Andalusian Spanish: Review of literature and challenges for linguists

Editing audio to improve the quality of a recording. Amplifying the sound and reducing noise

How to annotate audio using Praat

Using and modifying Praat scripts. A fairly simple guide

Praat scripts

The script below will get the following measurements for each interval: Duration in ms, F1 mean, F1 at 20%, F1 at 80%, F2 mean, F2 at 20%, F2 at 80%, mean pitch, pitch at 20%, pitch at 80%, highest pitch, lowest pitch, mean intensity, intensity at 20%, intensity at 80%, max intensity, min intensity