A Dead Man’s Ice Cream is heavily influenced by James Joyce’s Ulysses. Each of the 18 chapters is written in a different style and the schema below is designed to help the reader navigate the book.

1  Welcome to the Untied KingdomFive WaysAugust 20038White GoldGuy in the newspaperGrandmother VirginReligionVery simple language with play-on-words
2Meet the genealogical stalkerThe schoolSeptember 200310Brown  Person in the newsHorse SalmonIrish mythologyMythological narrative in Kiltartanese
3Mutual understrandingThe canalSeptember 200311GreenPhilology studentTidePhilologyEmail
4Friday Club diariesThe apartmentOctober 20038KidneyOrangeGirl dressed as a nymphNymphEconomicsA play in three acts
5The ass is always thinner on the other thighThe bathOctober 200310GenitalsMan at the botanical gardenFlowerBotany ChemistryNarcissism
6The stress of Birmingham is burningThe graveyardOctober 200311HeartWhite BlackChurchgoerCaretakerReligionDecomposed description
7The shadow of the White ElephantGibraltar AndalusiaNovember 200312LungsRed  News editorWindPoliticsDraft notes
8Field reportAn online forumDecember 20031Oesophagus–  An architectConstableArchitectureBlogging
9Dual citizens: two cultures but no nationThe libraryDecember 20032BrainEnglish literature teacherStratford London DublinLiteratureDialectic
10Would you like toes with that?The streetsJanuary 20043BloodCar mechanicCitizensMechanicsSecond person narration
11Let’s call him Mr Bright SideThe concert roomJanuary 20044Ear–  A DJBarmaidsMusicMusical
12The death of the CyclopsAn apartment above a pubFebruary 20045Muscle–    An ex-army guySoundLinguisticsAcademic article
13Closing your eyes opens your earsAt Dr Pope’sMarch 20048Eye NoseGrey BlueA painterPebblesPaintingSensory
14Medical notes on lifeThe hospitalApril 200410WombWhiteA motherMothersMedicineMedical notes
15Circe plays us allThe brothelApril 200412Locomotor apparatusA strip dancerSex industryMagicHallucination
16No shelter for the vulnerable  The shelterMay 20041NervesOld sailorSailing Abused civilisationsNavigationHeroic narrative
17To see it, you need to want to see it  The houseMay 20042Skeleton–    Philosophy studentComets  PhilosophyOrdered internal dialogue
18We spend our whole lives waitingThe nightclubJune 2004FleshIt depends on how you look at itAshesInternal monologue
A Dead Man’s Ice Cream schema